#Love30on30 is a show of support for safe vehicle speeds on the 30th of every month.

Started in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is inspired by the neighbours we missed seeing outside and the space between our homes that felt safe for us all.

Our goal is 30km/hr speed limits in Winnipeg neighbourhoods and #Love30on30 is a way of showing everyone why it is so very good.

I love 30 because ___________.

Get Involved.

How to Participate:

Add your street to the mapย to show your support for 30km/hr neighbourhoods.

On the 30th of every month,ย join a celebrationย orย take a simple actionย near you.

Simple actions help spread the word.ย Chalk the “Love 30” symbol and the hashtag onย  a road or sidewalk! (any day is great day to do that, but especially on the 30th).ย 

Get creative. Start a container garden in a parking spot. Build a picnic table. You can even take a block party to the street.ย Distancing rules apply as required, of course.ย 

Share your story.ย #Love30on30.ย 

Repeat as necessary.ย Keep going every 30th of the month until the speed limit changes and speeds are safer near you.

Add a event or demo

Why we love 30...

Healthier People

Slower speeds enable active communities where peopleย  live longer, happier lives with less disease and higher quality of life. It boosts our lungs, our hearts, and our minds.

We have enough stress in life.

We don’t need to stress ourselves.

30 is one easy thing we can change.

Better Quality of Life

More opportunities to smile at your neighbour are always good. But 30km/hr puts the fun in your neighbourhood in many ways and makes a life outdoors more pleasurable.

Who doesn’t want quieter neighbourhoods, with less rubber, dust and noise in the air? Reasonable speeds help eliminate severe collisions. They set the tone for the whole community.

Expect dramatic increases in the number of kids walking or biking to school on their own (and a little more time for parents to enjoy that morning coffee in peace). 30km/hr means worrying less about that pet who got loose and makes it easier for our grandparents to cross the street.ย 

Healthier Planet

Slower speeds in neighbourhoods give people more options for how they get around.

When more people walk, roll, bike, scoot, rollerblade, skateboard, pogo stick (you get the idea) we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fight climate change.

Less pollution and cleaner air is good for everyone. 30km/h is a gift to people, animals and the environment.

Share and see examples of success...

๐Ÿ“ Minneapolis, USA
๐Ÿ“ Amsterdam, Netherlands
๐Ÿ“ Amsterdam, Netherlands
๐Ÿ“ Nuland, Netherlands
๐Ÿ“ Carlington, CA, USA
๐Ÿ“ Waterloo, ON, Canada
๐Ÿ“ Ottawa, Canada
๐Ÿ“ Toronto, Canada
๐Ÿ“ London, UK
Locally organized by Safe Speeds Winnipeg

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